How to Spend Less on your Cell Phone Bill; 4 Steps for Cutting Down on your Cell Phone Bill and Saving Money

Keep Talking but Pay Less
Keep Talking but Pay Less

Cell phones have become a staple in our lives and there is often nothing better than having one. If you forget it at home one day, or the battery dies, it is easy to feel lost or even naked without it. However, we have all had it happen to us before. You love your cell phone, you use it for everything from messaging to calls to games, and you learn that you cannot live without it. Only to have that dreaded cell phone bill arrive and drop you to your knees.


There often isn’t even a worse feeling that having a cell phone bill hit you so hard that you can’t even pay it or you have to scrape by for the rest of the month on instant noodles. This does not have to be the way, and just because you are locked into a long contract, because you wanted the hottest phone for free, doesn’t mean that you are stuck paying those prices. Here are some simple tips you can use to cut down on your cell phone bill and start saving.


1. Utilize Free Text Messaging

You may be shocked to find out that you do not actually have to pay for all those text messages that you send. In fact there are a number of applications, especially for iPhones, that allow you to send texts for free simply by purchasing the application that only costs a dollar or two. You can send and receive texts to another person’s cell phone using your email. This may not be completely convenient but it can save you a good chunk of money on your monthly bill, especially if you are an avid text message fan. If you have a Gmail account you can send and receive free messages using the Gtalk chat feature.


2. Stop Paying for Assistance

Sure the convenience of directory assistance cannot be denied, but it really is not a necessity. It can cost around $2 per call and with the internet these days it is just as easy to locate information on your own. Google also has a text message service that you can use to locate the name and number of a person or business. Send a “free” text to 466453 and you will receive messages back with all the info you need. You can also use it for directions, weather updates and even language translations. The service is completely free and all you have to pay for is the text message, which won’t be a problem if you follow our suggestion #1.


3. Learn to Love VOIP

By using a service like Vonage or Skype you can almost instantly cut down on your cell phone bill and you do not need a landline. By using a Skype account you can call anyone else on Skype absolutely free from anywhere that has the internet, whether you are at the office, at home or even in a hotel room. You can even plug your cell phone number in as your Skype ID which will allow people to recognize your number when calling, and they won’t even know you are using Skype to save money. There are a number of VOIP applications for cell phones which means that you are not tied down to your laptop or PC when trying to use your free account. The best part is that rates start as low as 2 cents per minute. Obviously this comes with a few limitations, but in the end it could save you a ton of money in the long run.


4. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Discounts


With the staggering number of cell phone providers out there and the popularity of VOIP applications, the cell phone market is full of competition. They will be desperate to keep your steady business and will often times go out of their way to keep you happy. Try calling up your cell phone service provider and inquire about possible incentives they can offer you, you may be pleasantly surprised. These deals will not be offered up front, but if you are persistent you should be able to get something out of them.


Sometimes they may offer something like a 10 percent discount if they are allowed and if not, you still may get a bonus such as extra roll over minutes, for free. Take a good, hard look at your cell phone bill for this month and look for add on costs and try to find something that you could easily cut out. Give your provider a call and simply ask if there is a way to cut down on your bill. You may be put on hold and asked a lot of redundant questions, but hey if it saves you money each month it will prove to be well worth it.

Short and simple, don’t just settle for paying your outrageous cell phone bill. The more you ignore it and keep paying, the more it will begin to eat at your savings. Look for ways that you can cut down the cost of your cell phone bill yourself and be creative. Try calling your provider and inquiring about what they can do to help you out. Be patient, be reasonable and get ready to make some simple changes that can have you actually being able to save the money in your piggy bank from month to month. Treat yourself and set a reward. Put away the money you are saving from your cell phone bill each month and save up for something special. This will keep you focused on using free text messages and VOIP as much as possible, even if it proves to be a little inconvenient at times.

Good luck, happy talking and happy saving

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