The Lenovo A600; the Sexiest PC on the Market


lenovo-a600In the past few years it has only been the truly geeky and computer adept consumers that have been able to notice any “sex appeal” in a PC, but the Lenovo A600 is looking to change all of that. Even the most crazed Mac fan out there has to admit that the super light, super thin, sleek Lenovo IdeaCentre desktop is the hottest PC to come out, possibly ever.

The desktop boasts a delightful 21.5 inch HD screen and the subwoofer and speakers are hidden away which makes it look just like a mini television in your bedroom. It also comes with a remote control mouse and wireless keyboard which allow you to use it without actually picking yourself up and walking across the room.  This makes the Lenovo A600 the perfect PC to use with applications such as the Hulu desktop, which we previously gave you a review of.

The PC comes with an ATI Radeon graphics card, 4 GB of memory and a Core 2 Duo processor which makes it perfect for handling all the newest applications, video games and high def videos. There is the option to set up some productive applications such as Microsoft Excel, but let’s be honest; the Lenovo A600 is designed to entertain you and keep work out of your mind, not the other way around.

So whether you want to lay back on a Sunday and watch an entire season of Dexter, surf your way around YouTube videos or delve deep in the latest video games, the Lenovo A600 provides the perfect escape from reality at a reasonable price of around $999.

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