The Sony Vaio P; The Perfect Blend of Mobility, Affordability and Functionality

All your Computing Needs in the Palm of your Hand... Literally
All your Computing Needs in the Palm of your Hand... Literally

When you first start looking to buy a laptop, you know that your budget will have a lot to do with what computer you can get your hands on. The good news for cost cutting shoppers is that there are tons of cutesy, cheapo laptops that now come in at under $300. In fact these budget laptops have coined the term, “netbook” and are starting to outsell most other machines on the market.

However with a budget price comes a budget laptop. These “netbooks” are known for having low-res screens, keyboards made for an infant’s fingers and an operating system that struggles to run the original version of “Sims”.

For that reason, if you plan on doing more than basic e-mail, you should plan to spend a little more. The Sony Vaio P is the perfect mix of netbook qualities and high tech functionality. It has all the power and brains of a high end notebook crammed into a slim, sleek and lightweight design. The Vaio P has 3 GB of RAM along with a 1.33 GHz processor that allows it to run even the biggest and baddest operating systems.

Not to mention the elegant LED-lit screen. It is a lot smaller, at eight inches, than a lot of competing notebooks but it has an ultra-wide resolution and can handle HD video. Compare that to other laptops that struggle to make it to the end of a YouTube video, and you will fall in love with the Sony Vaio P.

You are not going to be able to get the Sony Vaio P for the same price as those cutesy, little netbooks, but the price difference is well worth it. In stores you can get your hands on one for around $900, which prevents you from buying it impulsively, but it is still easy to save up for with one or two paychecks.

If it is budget that is most important to you, then you will probably skip by this notebook, but you really only have a few options. Small, slow and cheap? Or fast, small, reliable and pricey?

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