The High Tech iPod Deck; Make Music Better with the iHome iP1 iPod Deck

Listen to Music the Way it was Meant to be Played
Listen to Music the Way it was Meant to be Played

We all love the convenience that comes along with an iPod, but the problem is that it doesn’t always deliver the best sound. It is no fault of its own, just a proven fact that MP3 files may save space and time, but when files are compressed, the sound quality does not always deliver what you eardrums crave. What you often end up with is feeble highs and uninspiring lows. That was, until now.

With the iHome iP1 you can now get all that lost sound right back, and blast it louder than any pair of headphones or speakers could dare to even try. The iHome’s speakers both contain a 50 watt amp and are connected to the system’s four inch sub-woofers and a powerful active equalizer. The system also has the ability to monitor your music’s frequency levels which allow it to fill in those missing bits of data that may have been lost during compression.

So what does this mean for you? Better sound, better quality and more volume for a lot less than most other sound systems available. For around $300 you can get your hands on 100 watts of musical therapy whenever you need it. Whether you are into the Eagles, ‘Lil Wayne, Johnny Cash or anything in between, the iHome iP1 just makes it better.

Forget what the neighbors might think and start blasting out your favorite tunes. That is, unless you are embarrassed to let everyone in your neighborhood know just how much you love Kelly Clarkson.

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