LM Industries Group, Inc. Brings Manufacturing to the Future As The First Digital OEM


LM Industries, a company designing and building future-looking products, announced the formation of LM Industries Group, INC with partners like Allianz, Airbus and the United States Marine Corps.

LM Industries are well-known as the creators of Rally Fighter and Olli and as the parent company of Local Motors and Launch Forth. The company combines co-creation, technology, and microfactories into one modern manufacturing process that builds high-quality, low-volume products at unprecedented speeds. It creates transportation, accessibility and mobility products for customers such as Allianz Group, Airbus, and the United States Marine Corps.

The LM Industries Group Inc is a technology-enabled manufacturer focused on mobility products. The headquarters of the group is in San Francisco. The company manages to bring unique and new products to the market in an entirely new way in under one year, all on its digital thread.

A global community of experts works at the company and applies modern technology innovations such as 3D printing to create and assemble products in small batches at agile microfactories.

Bringing Launch Forth’s design and Local Motor’s microfactories into one parent company provides clients with a better alternative to mass manufacturing that gets the right products into the right people’s hands at the right time. With shared resources and capabilities, LM Industries will explore more ambitious and ground-breaking projects to solve the most pressing issues of our time.

The CEO and co-founder of LM Industries John B. Rogers shares, “LM Industries is on a mission to transform mass manufacturing to micro-manufacturing in order to match the new pace of technology and quickly changing consumer needs.”

Jean-Marc Pailhol, Head of Global Market Management & Distribution at Allianz SE, joins the LM Industries board to help guide future product development and encourage strategic global partnerships.

About the new formation, Paihol says, “LM Industries checks all the boxes with its product features: 100% electric, 100% autonomous, 100% connected and 90% 3D printed with the ability to produce in micro-factories near bigger cities.” He adds, “In the future, a large part of the mobility market will be taken by small factories making solutions near the cities in which they are needed. LM Industries has a real competitive advantage in that they are a step ahead of the other AV manufacturers and have a real value proposition with their micro-factories. “