eSUN Launches Next Generation Water-Soluble PVA 3D Printing Supporting Material


eSUN ( has announced the release of a water-soluble PVA supporting material, that will allow 3D printing designers to create high-quality complex designs with many small details with ease. The new water-soluble PVA support material is called eSoluble.

This year only eSUN has already launched several new 3D printing products.

eSun shares that their new product eSoluable has four advantages in comparison to standard PVA material
– It dissolves twice as fast as PVA.
– It absorbs less moisture and provides stable printing performance.
– It is suitable for multiple materials (e.g. PLA/PLA+, ABS/ABS+, Nylon, etc.).
– It is an environmentally friendly material.
These features of the material will help designers improve the quality of prints and the ease with which they shape models.

How is it used?

A mold from the eSouluble PVA supporting material is used during 3D printing to provide solid, reliable support to designs with complex shapes. After the printing is completed, the models are submerged under room-temperature tap water. As a result, the mold dissolves within a few hours, while the model gets very clear and well-shaped high-quality details.

Earlier on the removal of such supporting materials was extremely difficult and time-consuming, often leading to damages of the printed models. eSoluble solves these problems by reducing the cost related to prototype production and by shortening the time needed for production.

eSoluble appeared to be more than twice as fast as standard PVA material when it comes to water solubility.:

Designers can use eSoluble together with ABS/ABS+, should note that the distance between eSoluble and ABS/ABS+ should be 0. eSoluble should not be used for printing pedestal. eSun recommends that opened filaments should be stored carefully in self-sealing bags, with a desiccant if there is any moisture inside the bag.

Here are some photos illustrating how the new PVA supporting material eSoluble is used in 3D-printing projects.