New York-based HUMM Redefines Fashion with Peer-to-Peer Rentals


HUMM, a New York-based startup, had the potential to redefine the way women look at fashion. Mackenzie Casey moved to New York from Melbourne last year to develop HUMM, a peer-to-peer marketplace for women that allows dress rentals.

The idea melds high fashion with affordable rental prices, so women have the perfect dress for every occasion without the price.

Casey has firsthand experience trying to decide between paying for food or buying the right dress for a high-end party. The entrepreneur came up with the idea for the company after realizing that her friend spent a small fortune on her wardrobe. The idea of HUMM came to life as a way for women to be able to have high-end dresses when they need them most without the high price tag.

The startup decided to move to New York from Melbourne due to the interest of investors.

HUMM is a privately held entity and was founded in 2016. Users that want to rent items will need to use the HUMM app to browse the marketplace. Items can be saved for future rentals, and women can search for dresses by size, color, price, designers and fit.

Delivery can be done via shipping for $8, or both parties can meet and exchange the dress as a result.

HUMM states that the renter will need to pay to insure the dress, which costs $5. All rentals last 7 days according to the company’s website. Unique designers have the option to rent out their dresses, too, allowing designers to increase their brand’s exposure.

Anyone is free to rent their wardrobe out to users on the marketplace. High-end items, including dresses, purses and shoes, can be rented. Pictures of the items will need to be uploaded and are approved by the company in 24 hours. Prepaid shipping is provided. Users will have money once the dress return has been confirmed.

Renters are safeguarded through the company’s insurance policy.