PC Gadgets and Hardware Buying Guide – How to Choose the Right Motherboard

Frustrated with Computer Shopping and Thinking about Taking it to the Streets?
Frustrated with Computer Shopping and Thinking about Taking it to the Streets?

Of all the gadgets and hardware that a computer has, the motherboard is the most important of all. Think about it – all of your system’s components and gadgets are all linked back to your motherboard. Choose the wrong one and no matter how good your video card, audio card, or processor is, you will have problems in the long run.

Now here’s the problem – choosing the right motherboard can be a daunting task! If you’re planning to build your own PC and you don’t have even the slightest idea how to choose the right motherboard, then reading this article would help you the most.

Finding the Right Processor

“What is the processor I am planning to use?”

Asking this question is a must when buying your PC gadgets and hardware…especially your motherboard. Get this – not all motherboards are created equal. Not all motherboards will support the same type or brand of processor.

If you have an Intel Dual Core processor, the motherboard of your choice must be able to support that processor.

Choosing a Chipset

Just in case you didn’t know, chipsets are the main controllers on your motherboard. They give your PC the power to interact and support different parts of your motherboard as well as expansion cards. Your chipset depends largely on the memory that your motherboard supports.

You should make sure that your motherboard supports the type and the size of RAM that your system and your chipset need to run optimally.

I NEED More Slots!

It’s not unusual for us to attach or link other cards and peripherals to our computers. It’s important that your motherboard has more than enough expansion slots and connectors. Many of today’s motherboards come with USB 2.0 ports. While this may be enough for most of the average PC users around, you may need more.

For example, if you intend to do a lot of video capturing, editing, and more, you want a motherboard that has a Firewire port incorporated to it. On the other hand, if you’re not sure how many cards you’ll need, it’s important to make sure that your motherboard has enough PCI slots.


Many of today’s motherboards come with their own bells and whistles. On-board Ethernet, audio cards, RAID controllers, and that’s just to name a few. This will help you save a lot of money. If you can find a motherboard that has the features and added services that you’re looking for, without sacrificing performance and quality, by all means go for it!

One warning though – don’t go for motherboards with built-in video cards. These built-in video cards tend to hog down your computer’s memory. They can be a pain especially if you are into gaming and graphics design.

To tell the truth, choosing the right computer can be exhausting, trying and downright complicated. Motherboards are the brain and most important part of a computer, so when shopping for a computer it is often best to start with the motherboard. Once you have the best motherboard you can slowly place the other pieces together and build around it. Try your best to research as much as you can, weigh your options and educate yourself before you make the purchase that is going to change your life for the next year, or hopefully more.

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