A Review of the Eclipse Intuit; Go Green, Use Solar Power and Get Your Hands on a Hot, New, Mobile Phone

Save the Environment and Chat it Up on your Mobile Phone
Save the Environment and Chat it Up on your Mobile Phone

Love your cell phone and all its applications and the convenience it offers but worried about the environment and want to “go green”? Then you are going to love the idea of this new concept phone. Sure it is just an idea, and if it comes to fruition it is going to be exceptionally expensive, but it will definitely be a mobile hit. The Eclipse Intuit is looking to be the first solar powered cell phone to hit the market. How does it draw its energy if there isn’t an outlet nearby? That’s easy, it derives its power from the sun.

Just for the fun of it, let us pretend that the Eclipse Intuit is in fact a real phone. It will be powered by Windows Mobile and is packed with a ton of features and a whole host of intriguing specs. Possibly the most unique is that it intends to incorporate two touch screens, instead of just one; one screen for all your usual applications and calling and browsing and the other one being a simplified, sliding touch screen.

The mini solar panels attached to the phone will provide it with most of the energy it needs, barring an extremely cloudy day. On top of that, the phone comes with a 5 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi support and a whole load of new features that cannot be found on any other phone right now.

The excitement over the Eclipse Intuit is building fast. In fact quite rapidly considering the phone is not available yet and may not be available for quite some time. The fact is that the idea is intriguing, the applications are promising and phone itself is fascinating. There is no doubt that no matter the price or the release date, the Eclipse Intuit is going to be a smashing success. Play games, text, chat and make phone calls, all while enjoying the fact that you are helping the environment and continuing the transition to a greener world.