The Spy Cobra USB; Track Online Activity, Spy on Computers and Keep Your Children Safe Online

Monitor Your Children, Keep Track of Internet Activity or Just Have Fun
Monitor Your Children, Keep Track of Internet Activity or Just Have Fun

If you are fed up with flop tricks to monitor the activities of other computers, then this specially designed and dazzling USB drive is perfect for you. The Spy Cobra USB is designed to be able to perform cover surveillance on any computer, no matter whom you are keeping your eye on or where you are. The spy cobra USB drive is an undetectable way of monitoring any PC. All you need to do is just plug the drive into the computer; it will then furtively install a program onto that computer. Once it is complete, you unplug the drive and simply move along. Thus, you don’t end up leaving anything suspicious on or around the computer.

Powerful Spy Software

The software program is designed in such a manner that it keeps on running in the background and can’t be detected in the graphical interface. Even most of the best anti-spywares are not able to detect the software. The program is a typical key logger that also holds the capability to remember pages visited and take screenshots at regular intervals. This is how the program keeps a vigil over the activities of the computer.

You can set the regular time interval after which the program will take the screenshots of the computer. The program keeps track of every keystroke that happens during the pre-set time frame. It is also capable of recording conversations on Instant Messengers from both parties involved in the discussion. The log for those keystrokes, the screenshots, and the web pages visited are all kept secretly in the computer under surveillance until you retrieve it with the USB cobra drive. The data is strongly encrypted so that it cannot be interpreted.

The retrieval process is pretty easy; you just need to insert the USB drive back into the PC and all the data recorded will be uploaded onto that drive. You can then take out the drive and check it on any other computer, at anytime you want. In this manner you can stealthily keep an eye on others. The current version of the Spy Cobra USB drive is compatible with Windows operating systems including Windows XP and Vista.

Great Power at a Reasonable Price

Who could have thought that the sleek USB thumb drive can surreptitiously disclose all your activities in such an innocent manner? This is a perfect e-gadget that the most worried parents have been searching for endlessly for quite some time. It is a convenient and easy way to keep track of their children’s activities on the internet and their PCs. This USB device also provides an excellent way to monitor your subordinates’ activities in the office, or even play a prank on some of your friends. You can also benefit from this miraculous 1 GB USB drive at a reasonable price roughly ranging from 70$ to 100$. So get out there and keep track of other’s online activity, but just be careful, with great power comes great responsibility. 

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