Love Movies, TV and Music? Pump Up Your iPod with the iJector

Big Screen Movie Action on the Go
Big Screen Movie Action on the Go

Projectors are an indispensable need of today’s corporate world. They are important for business meetings, pitching proposals and putting together sales campaigns. But that doesn’t mean that projectors need to be boring or cannot be used for pure entertainment. We have gone through various generations of elegant projectors which project the video output of computers, notebooks, laptops and palmtops on to the wall for presentation and explaining purposes. Recently though society has become obsessed with powerful technology in small packages. Technology has shrunk further from iPods and iPhones to 3G phones, the thus the need aroused to develop a projector for such iPods and iPhones.

A Japanese company by the name of Lancerlink realized the desire for a smaller projector that could link into an iPod and recently introduced the sleek and elegant looking iJector, which works with iPhones and iPods. The product is licensed by the company apple, perhaps the reason for that ‘i’ in the name. This was a much needed invention because everybody today prefers to stick to his/her iPod or iPhone rather than notebooks and desktops due to the ease of portability of these nano gadgets.

The iJector is an LCOS projector with which you can project your iPhones and iPods onto a screen with a diagonal length of up to 50 inches at a distance of 2.3 m. The iJector helps you project your iPhone and iPod screen with great brightness onto the giant screen. The resolution of the projection is 557 into 234 pixels. The company claims that the life span of the lamp used in the iJector is around 30,000 hours and the brightness which it can provide is 20 lumens. The projector has built in speakers which also enable you to watch audio video media with amplified sound.

The portable projector weighs just around 120 grams and has the dimensions of 19.5×14.5×9.6cm. The iJector is exclusively developed for iPods. Thus, most iPods are compatible with the iJector which include the iPod nano generations 1, 2, 3 and 5, the  iPod classic (80 GB and 160 GB), the iPod touch (8GB, 16GB and 32 GB) and the iPhone 3.0. However the iPhone 3GS is missing from the compatibility line up which is a major concern for people who posses an iPhone 3GS.

The product is yet to be marketed and the sale of the iJector is expected to begin in the middle of July in 2009 in Japan. The expected retail price is around 700$ for the new iJector. There is no doubt that it is going to bring about a big revolution in the market and will enhance the sale of the existing iPods and iPhones. Thus another “made for ipod” product is waiting for its debut. It has to make you wonder what is next. It seems that every new product is being designed with iPods in mind, how far away is the iRefrigerator or even the iCar? Who knows.

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