Tired of Lugging Around your Laptop Adapter? Look into the Cooler Master SNA 95 for a Better Laptop Experience

You Do Not Have to Lug Around Heavy Computer Parts Anymore
You Do Not Have to Lug Around Heavy Computer Parts Anymore

If you ever have trouble getting your laptop of charged or are sick of cramming that massive plug into your slick little man purse, then you will want to keep your eyes peeled for the Cooler Master SNA 95.  It is the smallest 95W laptop on the market but still packs a pretty powerful punch and comes with a few extras tacked on.

The Cooler Master comes in at just around 2.9 X 0.7 X 5.7 and once again proves that good things can come in small packages. A lot of us are hoping and praying that one day we will be able to charge our laptops wirelessly, but until that day this new laptop adapter seems to be the best choice.

 On top of the nine bundled tips the Cooler Master also comes with LED indicators, a USB port and sleek cable management system. All in all it isn’t anything EXTREMELY revolutionary but it is small, sleek and gets the job done. Not too shabby considering it already comes in at just $70 and should fall further in price relatively soon.

 Surely there are plenty of Dell computer owners that have to be fed up with their laptop adapters that are comparable to the size of an XBOX 360. How portable are laptops with that kind of an adapter really expected to be? The only drawback for now is that the Cooler Master does not appear to be compatible with Macbooks, but really what is?

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