How to Buy a Laptop; Budget Laptops, Medium Range Laptops and Expensive Laptops

Flying Fingers on a Laptop
Flying Fingers on a Laptop
Flying Fingers on a Laptop

Laptops have become a necessity in our lives. Whether you are a student, housewife or a traveling businessperson the benefits you can achieve by investing in quality laptop are intense. The laptop market has become oversaturated with products that range from bargain prices to top dollar and low quality to premium. Depending on your needs it is important to begin your shopping experience by researching what options are out there and which is right for you. The last thing you want to do is spend a couple thousand dollars on a laptop that is too high tech for you to understand or save a few dollars by investing in a budget laptop that does not function the way you need it to.

So let’s cut to the chase. Here is a quick and brief rundown of what you can expect to get based on the price you are looking to spend. Of course you will need to research more and analyze what exactly your needs are but this is a great starting point;

Budget Laptops

In terms of processing capabilities for this price you are going to get a single core CPU along with a graphics processor. The operating system will usually be Windows Vista Home Basic and you will probably be looking at a screen between 12 and 15 inches. This type of budget laptop will have Ethernet connectivity along with USB, VGA video and a wireless connection.

Essentially laptops at this price are perfect if you are looking to do some basic programming and applications along with email and internet browsing. If you are investing in a laptop to write documents and surf the internet for fun, these laptops are perfect and there is no need to spend more.

Medium Range Laptops

Now this is the price range where thing start to get a little more serious. In terms of processing these laptops will come with a dual core CPU along with a graphics processor and up to 256MB of internal memory. They will more often than not come with the Windows Vista Home Premium operating system and the screen size will range from 15 to 17 inches. They will offer all the same connectivity options as budget laptops but will also offer S-Video, FireWire and Bluetooth Wireless connections.

Medium Range laptops are perfect if you own or operate your own small business or work from home. They can handle and run all small business applications and will offer exactly video playback capabilities. If you are looking at having a few applications running at the same time or doing some programming then you will want to invest in a laptop that falls within this price range.

High End Gaming Laptop
High End Gaming Laptop

Expensive Laptops
$2,100 and Higher

Now here is where things start to get really serious. Laptops in this price range will come with the same processing abilities as medium range laptops but will operate on Windows Vista Ultimate. They will also offer at least 256MB of memory and can be upgraded substantially. Your screen options will usually range from 17 to 20 inches. You also have the option of an ultra-light laptop that can come smaller than 10 inches.

These are the laptops for serious computer users. They are great for gaming, video creation and editing and pretty much anything else that a laptop can be used for. There is no need to invest this much in a laptop if your needs are met by a budget laptop, but if you are serious about your computer use, these laptops are worth the investment.