The World Economic Forum Names Aqua Security 2018 Technology Pioneer


Aqua Security, was selected as one of only a handful of companies in the cybersecurity category as a technology pioneer by the World Economic Forum, an organization that assembles world technology and business leaders in Davos.

The company was founded by IT security veterans from companies including Intel Security, CA Technologies, and Imperva. It focuses on reinventing application security more effectively and efficiently.

“In our daily work with customers, partners, and colleagues, we don’t dwell much on the big picture. In the Aqua hallways and on conference calls it’s more likely you’d hear us talk about a Kubernetes admission controller and its potential use to prevent a specific attack vector, or how a certain customer uses Atomic Registry and is considering switching to Quay. But we never lose sight of the big picture, and, apparently, neither do the people in Davos.” – reads a blog post on the official Aqua website.

Aqua Security believe that companies cannot apply any longer the same host-based IPS and VM-based firewalls, and other network security tools to secure their workloads, because applications are no longer tied to hosts, and users can no longer predict where they’ll be running.

The company introduced a container security platform specifically to address the challenges of visibility, control, isolation, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention in container environments while remaining transparent and non-intrusive to DevOps. The Aqua platform allows organizations to reap the business benefits of containers without increasing their risk profile.

Major investors of the platform are TLV Partners,  a Tel Aviv based Venture Capital firm investing in innovative A-round startups; Microsoft Ventures; and Lightspeed Venture, an early stage venture capital firm focused on accelerating disruptive innovations and trends in the Enterprise and Consumer sectors.