PointGrab Raises $7m, Wavefront Raises $52m and Initialized Capital Raises $115m

Never Lose Rover in the Night Again

Startups have raised millions of dollars to start the week, with three promising startups leading the way: PointGrab, Wavefront and Initialized Capital. The three entities raised a total of $174 million.

PointGrab Raises $7 Million in Funding

PointGrab raised $7 million in funding in a funding round led by Philips Lighting and Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co. The company secured funding for its sensors for smart buildings that aims to boost energy efficiency in buildings.

The company deals with lighting sensors that detect people to turn lights on and off.

PointGrab offers intelligent analytics that works to capture critical building data through their CogniPoint solution.

Wavefront Raises $52 Million in Funding

Wavefront raised $52 million in funding on Monday in a funding round led by Tenaya Capital. The funding round will help the startup expand its metric monitoring cloud application. The company will use the funds to increase its workforce to 70 people in 2017.

The company will also accelerate its research and development to bring products to the market faster.

PointGrab’s service offers analytics, real-time response and full stack correlation. The company has focused on enterprise scale, and this allows small and large SaaS companies to benefit from Wavefront.

Initialized Capital Raises $115 Million for Third Fund

Initialized Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in startups by providing $500,000 to $1 million in capital. The funding allows many companies to gain traction and has allowed Initialized to invest in over 100 startups along the way.

The company announced that they raised $115 million for their third fund.

Reports earlier in the year pointed to the company seeking to raise $100 million. The reports came from the company’s SEC filing.

Initialized was started by former Y Combinator partners, and focuses on helping companies gain traction during their initial phase to profitability.