Popular Travel Planning App TripIt Now Supports Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

travel planning app tripit

TripIt has announced that users of its popular travel planning app will be able to use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to access their travel info, the company now offering full support for the two platforms.

Integrating TripIp with Alexa or Google Assistant is as easy as adding any other application. Users simply open the companion app for the service they wish to use, and add TripIt. The service should then be available on all Alex or Google Assistant-connected device.

Adding TripIt works like any other Alexa or Google Assistant integration: users will have to open the companion app for their service of choice and add TripIt there, after which point it should be available through all of your connected smart speakers and devices.

Users who set up this service will be able to ask Google Assistant or Alexa a variety of questions related to flights and trips. Though the update features no new options in terms of functionality, the ability to get travel info hands-free is particularly useful in real-life circumstances such as carrying luggage, or running to catch a flight.

According to TripIt, the new integration can answer the following questions:

What is my flight summary?

What time is my flight?

What is my airline?

What type of aircraft am I flying on?

What is the weather like at my destination?

What seat do I have?

What is the duration of my flight?

When do I arrive?

For users of TripIt Pro – a premium subscriptions which costs $49 per year and provides real-life flight status information – the service will also provide answers to additional questions:

TripIt ProWhat is my flight’s status?

When should I leave for the airport?

What terminal is my flight in?

Where is my gate?

About TripIt:

TripIt is a popular travel planning app automatically organizing a variety of travel information, including flights, accommodation, routes, weather and many others.