Printable Batteries; Affordable, Environmentally Friendly, Smaller and More Convenient

You May Never Have to Use a Duracell Again
You May Never Have to Use a Duracell Again

Plain and simple, batteries are annoying. They are big, bulky and almost seem to die when you need them the most. However some new technology is finding a way to eliminate at least one of the problems when it comes to batteries, size. A research team from the Fraunhofer Research Institution has found a way to create a printable battery that weighs less than a gram, is smaller than a millimeter thick, and can be mass produced in a very effective way.

Dr. Reinhard Baumann began the study in the hopes that they could find a way to mass produce batteries at a fraction of the current cost. It appears they have succeeded. The main difference for this cutting-edge battery is simply the size. The fact that it is so small means that it can be attached to all sorts of devices such as bank cards. It is also extremely environmentally friendly as it does not contain any mercury yet still has about 1.5 volts of power. Even better yet, you can get up to 6 volts just by placing the printable batteries side by side.

The batteries achieve their power from a chemical process that meshes together zinc and manganese in order to produce electricity. However the batteries do tend to wear down quickly so for now they are perfect for items that have a limited life span.

Essentially the batteries are made in much the same way that t-shirts are. They are printed off using silk screens and that is why they can be manufactured in such massive quantities. If the researchers can find a way to harness the power of these printable batteries and make them last even longer, you may just be able to kiss those annoying AA’s goodbye. I know many people expected us to have flying cars and jetpacks by the year 2009, but aside from that paper batteries are pretty damn cool.