Safely Clean Your Precious Jewelry Using This Chemical Free Dirt Removal Device


    Make your diamonds look like new and ensure they are safely yet powerfully cleaned using the new chemical-free ultrasonic jewelry cleaner from Amazon seller Ideas In Life!

    Ideas In Life, an Amazon seller that provides miscellaneous items for the home such as coffee pot mugs, has launched an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner in its shop.

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    The recently launched item can be used to safely remove dirt and grime from a wide variety of items. It’s ideally suited for removing dirt and revealing shine on a range of jewelry items, but can also be used on other personal items, such as dentures, electric toothbrush heads, electric shaver heads, and contact lens.

    The jewelry cleaner uses ultrasonic power to gently remove dirt and grime using a vibrating action. Ultrasonic waves provide a deep clean that removes dirt in hard-to-reach places without causing any damage. The company says the cleaning action is gentle enough to use on precious diamonds and is the ideal device to bring back the sparkle on treasured jewelry items.

    The device uses four AA batteries (not included in the purchase) and does not require a special cleaning solution. It uses water to thoroughly clean each item and runs on a 15-minute cleaning cycle.

    The jewelry cleaner features a compact and portable design and is suitable for travel. It measures 4.5 inches in diameter and 3.75 inches in height and is capable of accommodating items up to 3.5 inches long by 1.5 inches high. It has two silicone feet to securely hold it in place during use and has been designed with noise reduction in mind.

    The company says the new launch is an ideal gift for a variety of occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries. You can purchase the item on Amazon for $19.99. Over 60 percent of customers gave this item a five-star review.

    Ideas In Life is an Amazon store that supplies products for home and leisure such as battery-operated string lights, sewing kits, desktop dartboards, coffee pots mugs, DIY tools, heated neck scarves, and more. The company explains that their new ultrasonic jewelry cleaner offers a supreme cleaning performance.

    Are you ready to see your precious jewelry sparkle?

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