The Kopin Corporation is Changing the Way We Watch TV; Miniature LCD Screens and Personal Video Technology

One Similar Product Offered by RelaxView
One Similar Product Offered by RelaxView

It has been said many times that people who purchase enormous flat screen TV’s, oversized LCD screens or luxury cars are simply compensating for something. Another popular saying is that big things do indeed come in small packages. It seems that every major technology company is trying to go smaller, go greener or become more efficient in some facet or any other. We are now entering a world of undercompensation, (Webster’s needs to add the word to the dictionary, ASAP) and the Kopin Corporation has seemingly found a way to do all three while trying to prove that size does not matter. The company has created a range of LCD displays that are described as “CyberDisplay”. Their newest creation measures in at just .027 inches yet displays a resolution of 600 X 480. While you may think this type of LCD screen would just be a novelty, it could have a major impact on the display market on the whole, and the way you watch movies.


At the moment these tiny little CyberDisplays are used throughout smaller camcorders, but there is a lot of thought being put into the creation of personal eye wear. This sort of technology would allow people to wear the screen in the same way they wear sunglasses and immerse themselves in a portable High-Def experience, for games, TV and movies. While this is a big step for Kopin, the ultimate goal is to come up with a postage stamp sized screen with a resolution of 2048 X 2048, and they believe they are close.


Many thought we wouldn’t see this kind of technology for years, but Kopin has managed to take down a number of barriers and are now on the verge of the ultimate creation, thanks to their ability to create these miniscule pixels. All that is left to do is find a way to fit the pixels together in a seamless manner. This technology has a lot more to offer than you may first imagine and,  just like objects in your rear view mirror, may be closer than it appears.


Think about digital cameras. The resolution on the viewfinders is deplorable at best. How many times have you assumed your picture or video is clear by using the viewfinder, only to return home and realize your shot is about as crisp as an old Charlie Chaplin movie?   Kopin is about to revolutionize the way we use digital cameras, and a whole host of other electronics.


While there are millions of people who enjoy watching movies and playing games on the tiny screens offered by gadgets like the iPod, we have come to expect that a small screen and poor quality go hand in hand. That no longer has to be the case. With these new LCD screens positiononed close to the eyes, you will be able to view the screen in the same resolution and depth that the screens at a movie theatre can offer, no matter where you are or what you are doing.


This is not one of those far off goals that “may” come around in the distant future either. There are already a number of similar products from Kopin available and they have just begun to scratch the surface. At the moment you can even get your hands on a low resolution CyberDisplay for as low as $45. However if it is the super technology you are after you are going to have to be willing to part with a few paychecks, as a backlit model comes in right around $3,500. As the technology becomes more advanced and the company creates a number of differing models, the price is sure to come down and become more convenient for the average Joe.


We are constantly hearing about technology getting smaller, faster and better. Many people think that there is only so much left to do, but every day some company proves that theory wrong. Phones continue to get smaller, computers continue to get more powerful, and the way we go about our everyday lives is changing every day. There seems to be no ceiling for science and technology. How long until we are riding around in cars the size of a skateboard or having cell phones surgically lodged into your thumbs? Only time will tell.

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