Hong Kong’s Startup, Spacious, Offers Haunted House Function

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Spacious, a two-year-old Hong Kong startup, unveiled a new app yesterday, on Halloween, that allows users to find haunted houses to rent for cheap. The company has built a database of properties where tragic events occurred, including murders and suicides.

The company’s new app allows users to find these haunted residents and track them.

Haunted houses, or homes where tragic events occurred, have severely discounted rates, which is an added benefit for users.

There is a deep cultural fear of living in a home where a person died in China. Ghosts are a very real thing for many residents, and they’ll sell or rent property for much cheaper if a death occurred in the home. Millennials and younger generations who aren’t as superstitious often rent or purchase these properties at a steep discount.

Users open their app, and listings will pop up on the screen that also tell users what happened at the “haunted house.”

The app will reveal listings, which can be tapped on for more details. The listings will explain the tragic events that occurred on the property which has led to the lower sales price. A ghost icon appears on the screen for any properties where a tragic event occurred.

Many of the tragedies are suicides.

Homes are often discounted by 10% to 15% after a sudden death, according to agents. One property where murders occurred was discounted by 30%.

Hong Kong’s real estate is among the highest priced in the world. A recent drop of 2% in rental prices with a projected drop of 10% – 15% in rental prices next year may have an impact on Spacious’ new feature.

The appeal of haunted homes is cheaper prices, and as the market softens, there will be less of a demand for haunted rentals.

The company has 1,300 tragic events listed in their database and are using augmented reality to bring their haunted house feature to life.