3 Major App Updates from Google, Instagram and Whataburger


Three major app updates have happened in the last 24 hours. Google updated their StreetView and Google app in time for a new movie: Fantastic Beasts. The movie, from J.K. Rowlings, has changed the way “OK Google” works.

Users can initiate a search on the Google app by saying “OK Google, lumos.” This magical word will turn on your device’s flashlight. You can turn off the flashlight by saying another magical word “nox.”

The update coincides with the movie, which is a Harry Potter spin-off.

StreetView has also been updated ahead of the movie’s launch and includes locations from the film. Fans will be able to visit landmarks from the film using StreetView, such as the Magical Congress of the USA.

Instagram also updated its app, but this is a monetary move. The company is testing in-app shopping. The shopping feature will allow the social media company to monetize its app, and the entire purchase will occur in the app.

Reports state that the new feature is being tested on iOS.

The addition of in-app shopping right before the holiday shopping season occurs will allow the company to grow its revenue. Product tags, from certain companies, will bring up a way to purchase items without having to go into a browser or use a third-party processor.

Clothing and fashion companies are testing the new feature.

Whataburger, the fast food chain, launched a new app yesterday that allows customers to receive rewards for visiting the chain more than five times. The app will also make it easier for customers to pay for their meals.

On the customer’s fifth visit to the store, they’ll be rewarded with an item of their choice, including a shake, French fries or a cinnamon roll – among other items.

The company has stated that they have plans to offer mobile ordering directly from the app. The feature will be introduced at an unspecified time in 2017.