Uber Rolls Out Upfront Pricing in App Redesign


Uber released its biggest app update in over six years yesterday. The ride-hailing giant’s update offers several advancements to its app. Users will benefit most from the app’s new feature which offers upfront pricing to riders.

The ride-hailing app’s redesign also includes arrival time predictions.

Users will be able to decide to use personal ride sharing option or the often-cheaper UberPool option. UberPool is a carpool option where riders will be joined by strangers on their way home in a carpool option.

UberPool, used significantly in San Francisco, will split the cost of the trip with another rider that’s going in the same direction as you. The company suggests that there is only 5 minutes added to a trip or less when using the carpool option, and riders can bring one guest with them on their trip.

The option to see upfront pricing will reduce surprises at the end of the ride, and it may lead to more users choosing to carpool to save money.

Uber’s app update doesn’t stop with pricing and predictions. Integration into a smartphone’s calendar allows you to request a ride directly from your calendar to your destination. Click on a contact’s name on your contact list, and if they accept your message, their location will be plugged into Uber.

The app’s features will be updated further in the coming weeks, according to reports. Additional features will be rolled out to make the trip entertaining and productive. Uber plans on offering Uber Feed that allows offerings, such as UberEats which will offer eateries that can deliver food to your Uber destination.

Music information will be available if the driver is streaming music from Pandora, and the app will tap into Snapchat filters to tell your friends when you’ll be arriving. The app has been in development since early 2016. The company has partnered with Pandora and Snapchat, and may offer more partnerships in the future.

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