Israel’s Even Audio Startup Offers H2 Headphones That Adapt to User’s Hearing Ability

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Even, an Israel-based startup, has designed a new type of headphone: the H2. The H2 headphones adapt to a user’s hearing starting with an audio test that is conducted in each ear. The test works to adapt the headphones to your own hearing by understanding what frequencies you can hear.

Sound profiles are stored into the user’s “EarPrint.”

The technology, which is still lacking concrete studies backing its existence, measures a user’s auditory abilities. The “ear print” will measure the user’s hearing ability adapting each ear separately to enhance the sound production of the headphones.

Even’s algorithm works to understand your upper and lower hearing limits. The algorithm will adapt to different sound frequencies and will produce the best frequencies for your hearing first.

H2’s headphones are well balanced, with both wired and Bluetooth modes available.

Even’s H2 includes the EarPrint mode through the accompanying app that changes the listening experience completely. When EarPrint is enabled, it changes the sound to make them seem “closer” to the user.

The headphones offer walnut wood ear cups, allowing for near noise cancellation technology.

User hearing profiles include which frequencies the user hears as soft, medium and loud. Music and sound is adjusted through the headphone before being sent to the user’s ear. Sounds are adjusted to amplify the user’s audio experience.

The right ear cup has an EVEN button that can be used to create a new EarPrint. A female voice will walk you through the EarPrint testing process which provides eight short music pieces that will start in the user’s right ear. The user will be responsible for pressing the button every time they hear a sound.

The sound profile will be created based off of the user’s response to the sound testing. Each ear will have its own profile settings to customize sound production further.