Ludia & Universal To Release Pokemon Go Jurassic World Alive Mobile Version This Summer


Universal in a collaboration with the game developer Ludia have announced the release of a mobile game Jurassic Park Live, which is a new version of the popular Pokemon Go. Jurassic World Alive is a mobile, location-based and augmented reality game.

The new Jurassic World Alive game might come as a pleasant surprise to many Pokemon Go fans, who will have the opportunity to go on an adventure and start chasing dinosaurs instead of wild Pokemons.

The mobile game will offer a thrill that is unseen so far all due to the high-quality location-based technology and augmented reality (AR) which will transform the players’ world and populate it with free-roaming dinosaurs.

The Jurassic World players will be able to walk in well-known or new locations, interact with and collect a variety prehistoric creatures that are extinct but brought to life with the power of the latest AR technological developments.

According to a press release published on the Jurrasic World site, the game will feature free in-game incubators, rare dinosaurs and unimaginable creatures, fans will be able to join a new competition of catching, taking pictures and videos with exclusive dinosaurs and creating new hybrid dinosaurs in a lab by extracting Dino DNA.

In preparation for the game’s release, the President and CEO of Ludia, Alex Thabet shared “With Jurassic World™ Alive, our goal is for audiences to be fully immersed into a world with living dinosaurs in a way that’s never been possible until today. We’re giving them the opportunity to explore and connect with likeminded players while building and interacting with these powerful prehistoric species.”

It is expected that the new Jurassic park mobile version of the famous Pokemon Go game will attract again millions of fans worldwide. It will grab the interest of both people fascinated by the world of the majestic and sometimes frightening prehistoric world and Pokemon Go devoted fans.

The Executive Vice President of Games and Digital Platforms, Universal Brand Development, Chris Heatherly, also shared the excitement from the achieved project results, saying “We are thrilled to once again work with Ludia and think this will be the biggest and most exciting game in the franchise yet!”

Jurassic World™ Alive will be released globally and will be available on the App Store and Google Play before the launch of the new Jurrasic Movie: Fallen Kingdom, whose premiere across Canada and U.S is planned for June 22, 2018.

Interested parties can learn more about the Jurassic World game and some other games in development by Universal, by visiting On the same site, they can sign-up to receive a free rare incubator when the game is released in the summer.