Nokia Patents Wearable Phone Control Technology; Innovation or a Step Backwards?

Is Nokia's Technology Taking a Step Backwards?
Is Nokia's Technology Taking a Step Backwards?

It really seems like hundreds of patents are flying out every day. Truth be told, this doesn’t really mean we will see the new idea, invention, or gadget any time soon. The patent process is just a way for companies to guarantee that an idea is theirs, before they even decide if it will work, or sell. Doesn’t it seem like there are only two companies out there that are really acting as innovators or bringing anything to fruition? Apple and Google. Many companies patent a number of ideas everyday, but many go unnoticed or are brushed off as ridiculous or just plain useless.

Nokia Gets Serious?

Now it appears Nokia is trying to join the fray. The Finnish phone company has now patented an idea that looks to pave the way towards wearable electronics. The patent uses embedded sensors in certain types of fabric and the idea of gesture control to send messages to certain electronic devices, mainly phones.

A Tribute to Drag Queens Around the World

Sounds pretty cool, right? Debatable. First off, just because Nokia has filed a patent doesn’t mean that this type of technology will be around anytime in the near future, or at all. Secondly, if you are picturing the hip wristwatches that James Bond wears and uses to blow things up, forget about it. The design concept that Nokia has come up with looks a lot more like something Michael Jackson would have worn in his prime, (God rest his soul) or something you would see a drag queen wearing at a carnival. We are talking long, stretchy material that restricts the movement of your hands. It will probably end up being sparkly and maybe even be as bulky as the original Nintendo Power Glove.

Gucci Meets Inspector Gadget

And this whole concept goes far beyond silky, stretchy, and uncomfortable fabric. Nokia also wants to extend the concept to sunglasses. Forget Gucci, Prada, Ray-Bans or the favorite designer of your choice. Ever thrown on a pair of glow in the dark sunglasses at a party or during a fireworks show? That will give you a little bit of an idea of what you can look forward to.  To say the least, Nokia is going to have to come up with something a little more stylish, sleek, and attractive if they want every day people to fall in love with this technology.

Still excited? Think a form fitting glove or multicolored sunglasses will fit right into your current look? Don’t hold your breath. As we have learned in the past, patents are just a small stepping stone in the entire process, and while technology is booming these days, absolutely nothing is a guarantee. And maybe we should just sit back and be thankful if these “innovative” ideas fall through.