The USB Powered Chainsaw; What More Could You Ask For? Cut Trees While You Tweet

Office Parties Just Got a Lot More Intense
Office Parties Just Got a Lot More Intense

Do you remember a post a few days ago? We were discussing new applications for computers and wondering just how far technology will go. At the time we joked about just how far USB related products would go. There is already a microwave, so how far off could something like the iCar be? Well the whole USB product conversation isn’t really a laughing matter anymore. To be honest, there aren’t many things that are still funny after chainsaws get thrown into the mix.

Remember the good old days when the worst thing a coworker could do was hack into your email and send racy memos to the whole office? Devastating at the time right? Believe me, that type of interoffice turmoil is going to be sorely missed now. That is, now that the USB compatible iSaw chainsaw has been invented. No need to reread that last sentence, you read it right the first time. For all you lumberjacks at heart that fear coming across an uncut tree while lurking around on Twitter, you now have an answer to all your problems.

Come the fall of 2009 the iSaw will be for sale to anyone and everyone that feels the need to combine computer technology and basic carpentry. And the best part of it all, the iSaw is going to be compatible with PC’s and Mac’s. If this new creation doesn’t revolutionize the battle of the entire computer market, what will?

Who Would Actually Try and Order One?………….ahem..cough…cough

While the thought of the iSaw has been enough to give all carpentry enthusiasts real “wood”, and get office peace activists all riled up, the truth is that the iSaw is a clever and currently very successful marketing scheme. The product is being discussed everywhere, people are digging articles about it like mad, and people are already making real life plans on how the atmosphere in the office will change. Why have so few people noticed that there is no such thing as the iSaw? Because you don’t find out about the marketing ploy until you are ready to order, and clearly there are not that many Dwight Shrute’s in the office place. (A depressing fact, but still true)

When you visit the official website for the USB powered chainsaw,, you will be greeting with photos, descriptions, a clever sales page, and even a full demonstration video. However, upon trying to order (keep your judgments to yourself please, I was intrigued) the website lets you know that the jig is up. So what is the website actually trying to sell if it isn’t the iSaw? Simple. Environmental awareness.

Your Keyboard is the Chainsaw……Get it?

The website creators are comparing your keyboard and your printer to a chainsaw, and it is a fact that we should consider. With the added technology we have today, easy access to scanners, printers, and fax machines, every one of us is wasting an unnecessary amount of paper each day. In case you need a reminder of what you are doing when you print out 500 copies of your resume, when you only need 3, you can download a free program from the iSaw website. It will play the loud, provocative sound of a chainsaw revving up every time you click the print button.

While some people are going to be disappointed, maybe even upset, about the fact that the iSaw is not real; let’s give the ploy some credit. It got people’s attention and as far as I am concerned it got its point across. Have a laugh, send the website to your friends, and take advantage of email and phones. Stop using your keyboard as a chainsaw and only print off things that you are going to use. Better yet, use recycled paper when you do. Heck, in these financially hard times a new company may give you a face to face interview if your resume is printed on an old bubble gum wrapper. It shows character and ingenuity if you ask me, but maybe that’s why I will soon be out of a job.