Notion Launches Services, Announces $9.5 Million Series A Funding


Notion, a service that aims to make email “smarter,” launched its service yesterday and announced $9.5 million in Series A Funding. The company released its message prioritizing app on Android and iOS, and there are plans to bring the app to Alexa in the near future.

The Series A Funding round was led by Drive Capital and Accel. Silicon Valley Bank and Hyde Park Venture Partners also participated in the funding round.

Notion AI, Inc. was founded in 2013, and the company’s prototype was released in 2014. The company’s app was in private beta in 2015 and in 2016, and was launched to the public and funding was raised.

Notion utilizes cloud intelligence to analyze and understand the relationships behind email.

The app uses all of this data to determine which emails or correspondences are most important to users. The company states that they have a 95% accuracy rate in determining email importance from the moment the user starts using the app. Behavior is improved as is the user’s experience when the app has time to learn from the user’s actions.

The app works with your existing emails, and it helps users to better focus on emails that are important to them.

Notion puts all of your priority emails into a group based on importance, offering separate notifications and deadline options to ensure emails are responded to quickly.

Prioritizing replies, emails of the most importance will be highlighted, allowing users to respond to emails that are most urgent. This is a feature that many competing services do no offer. The company hopes to move beyond email.

Notion hopes to offer a paid service for teams to make communication faster and more efficient.

Integration into Amazon’s Alexa is in the works, allowing users to talk to their email.

Notion will be available in a web version, and on Windows and Mac in the future.