Startup Brainient Acquired by Teads on Monday


Teads, video ad tech vendor, announced on Monday that the company has purchased UK/Romanian startup Brainient. The terms of the deal have not been released, but the two companies will work seamlessly to help create video ads.

Brainient offers a platform that allows ad makers to create video ads with the latest advancements in an effort to boost engagement.

The company offers a studio, analytic and delivery platform all merged into one. The company’s current pricing model is a pay-as-you-go setup that is charged as 0.85 pounds per CPM and 0.55 pounds per CPM for creative without video.

Real-time reporting and 50,000 free impressions make the company a go-to choice for video ad creators.

Teads will keep Emi Gal, the founder and CEO of Brainient, on board as the company’s CEO of a new unit, which will be relocated to Teads’ New York office.  The acquisition is almost certainly in the multi-million-dollar range.

Teads announced last month that the company was pursuing new acquisitions following the company raising $47 million in debt financing.

Teads CEO Bertrand Quesada stated, “We connect with over 1.2 billion consumers every month.” The CEO stated that they’re very excited to use the Brainient as part of the company’s platform.

The company helps brands relate to consumers by using data points to show different ads. The CEO stated, on a hot day at the beach, an ad for bathing suits may be shown so that the reach and relevance is highly relevant to drive much better engagement.

Publishers, buyers and sellers will be able to use the combined platform to drive their videos.

Any video via the Brainient can be transformed from landscape to square videos and a variety of other formats. The flexibility that Teads and Brainient will offer as a combined company is expected to redefine the way video ads are viewed by consumers.