Goodbye Blockbuster, Hello NetFlix; The Samsung BD-P4600 Brings Convenience to your Home Theater Experience

A Video Library of Your Very Own
A Video Library of Your Very Own

Now this is just plain cool. Sure Blu-Ray Movies and Blu-Ray movies have seemingly taken over thanks to their quality, but it didn’t take long for an even newer technology to come out. We all know that the internet has a never ending list of movies that you can watch on a daily basis, and more are added everyday. Services like Netflix allow you instant access to your very own video library in just a matter of minutes, and now with the all new Samsung bd-p4600 you can truly become the king, or queen, of movies.

Your Very Own Video Library

This “connected” blue-ray player allows you to reach into the internet and instantly access any movie title on the internet. With this player you not only have the ability to watch your favorite 2.0 blu-ray discs over and over again, but can also take advantage of Netflix’ never ending supply of new movies and the classics. It won’t be long before you do not even need blu-ray discs anymore, and you can totally forget those days of running out to Blockbuster in a torrential downpour to try and return your rental on time.

And That’s Not All

After you are done watching whichever movie suits your fancy in the moment you can also connect to Pandora, the super on screen internet radio service. This makes the Samsung bd-p4600 perfect for parties or just kicking around in your house. And the best part is that it is so sleek and lightweight that you can easily move it around or bring it anywhere where there is a Wi-Fi hotspot. It is basically your very own portable home theater which holds a never ending supply of content.

The Price Tag

As of writing this, you can get your hands on your own Samsung bd-p4600 for around $500 USD. It is time to make your own contribution to the never ending battle between BD movies and online content. Every day the quality of internet movies gets better and the price of BD movies go down. You simply have to love market competition, don’t you?

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