The New Face of Projectors, the All New BENQ GPL; Bring the Party With You Wherever You Go

Bring the Theater to your Backyard
Bring the Theater to your Backyard

This is just yet another example of a new product that proves size does not matter. The BENQ GPL is a lightning fast and incredibly small projector that produces awe inspiring results. This miniature projector weights only a pound and a half and comes all packed into a 5 x 4 x 2 inch box.

It is light and durable enough to bring wherever you go and instantly create a party. Whether it’s the big sporting event night you are planning, the night of the Oscars or just a compilation of your favorite TV shows that you want to watch, the BENQ GPL is easier to transport than a six pack of your favorite drink.

The resolution for this mini- projector is stunning as it uses 100-lumen, SVGA resolution, and has the ability to put up a moving image over an 80 inch frame anywhere you deem necessary. Whether it be a blank wall, a projector screen or even the side of your house so you can make your very own home theater in your backyard, the choice is yours.

The BENQ GPL is also incredibly easy to use and is compatible with everything from a PlayStation 3 to laptops to cable boxes and even iPhones. This truly is the technology of tomorrow when it comes to projectors and you can fit all the excitement into the palms of your hands for an estimated cost of around $600 USD.

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