The Rogers Revolution; The Google Android is Finally Being Released in Canada.

Affordable and Ground Breaking
Affordable and Ground Breaking

It seems like it was forever ago when the Google Android phone was first released in the United States, but it has just been announced that Rogers will finally be bringing the “revolution” to Canada. The best news for Canadian mobile users is that the Android Revolution will not be anymore expensive than the iPhone currently is.

The affordable price isn’t necessarily big news as Rogers has done the same with a number of smart phones over the past few years, including the iPhone 3G and the BlackBerry 8900. Usually when Rogers Wireless puts out a new smart phone it hovers right around the $200 range, and that is exactly where the Google Android will come in at with a three year contract.

Google Android Pricing

Rogers will be putting out two different Android handsets for mobile users to choose from, including the HTC Dream, more commonly referred to as the G1 and the HTC Magic. Each of them will be made available for $199.99 after signing up for a three year service agreement. There is no set word on the exact contracts that will be made available but Rogers will more than likely offer a set voice and data plan just like the BlackBerry contract and iPhone contract offer.

The Mystery of the Android

Rogers has brought on a rather unique marketing plan with this new launch as they have really just plastered banners and posters all around declaring a revolution is coming on June 2nd. The truth it is has created a lot of mystery around what exactly is coming, considering the fact that a lot of Canadians are still unaware of what exactly the Google Android phone is.

Upcoming Review of the Android

Thankfully for you, you will be able to find out right here on As soon as the new phones are launched on June 2nd in Canada, we will get our hands on one, analyze the contract offers and give you a full fledged review. So stick around and get ready for all the Google Android news in the next few weeks.

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