Relonch Aims to Edit and Choose Your Photos With AI


Relonch is a new startup offering something a little different: camera as a service. The company wants users to pay for the photos they take rather than the camera they use to take pictures. Relonch says many consumers have DSLR cameras they never use.

The company offers a camera that has just one button, so it’s easy to use.

Users don’t have to have an SD card, and there are no settings, zoom, flash or screens to complicate natural photos. Distraction-free, the camera only has a viewfinder and takes care of the rest using artificial intelligence. Relonch is confident that users can take pictures in any condition.

A built-in SIM card sends all photos taken to the Relonch cloud. The company charges $99 a month for the camera and cloud services.

The company’s take on pictures gets even more unique after the photos are sent to the cloud. Artificial intelligence will sift through the photos to find the best shots. The AI will go on and edit the photos to make them look professional and clean.

Edited photos are received by the user in just a day. The process is long, but it eliminates the tedious time going through batches of photos and editing each one-by-one. The idea is unique, but Relonch has failed to impress consumers in the past.

The company planned to offer an iPhone camera attachment, but the product never shipped. Consumers fear that the company’s latest venture may suffer the same fate. Relonch doesn’t plan to offer its service to the public until 2018.

Relonch offers inspiration in the digital space, and AI is already incorporated into the iPhone 7 Plus and Google’s Pixel phone. The company displayed prototypes for their camera last week. The cameras are wrapped in leather, and there are no settings to complicate the picture-taking process.