San Francisco Startup Uses “DonaldTrump” Promo Code to Offer Free Birth Control


Nurx, a San Francisco-based startup, is offering free birth control to users of the company’s home delivery service until December 25. Users that use the promo code “DonaldTrump” will receive a $45 credit to use towards birth control.

The credit provides users with a three-month supply of birth control for free.

Nurx is using social media to spread the word about their offer through the #FreeBirthControl hashtag. Users of the company’s app will select their desired birth control, enter in their insurance and shipping information, and answer a few questions about themselves.

Submissions undergo a doctor’s review. The doctor will write a prescription, and Nurx will send the birth control to the person’s door.

Insurance offers free birth control under Obamacare. The free promo is meant for users that don’t have insurance. The cost of birth control after the promo is over on December 25 is just $15.

Donald Trump’s plan to repeal Obamacare will remove the requirement for health insurers to cover the cost of contraceptives.

Trump plans to keep some of the provisions under Obamacare. The Vice President-elect, Mike Pence, has called the mandate “anti-Christian.” Trump has not commented on the current contraceptive mandate.

Millions of women can afford contraceptives due to the mandate. A repeal of the Affordable Care Act puts millions of women at risk of losing their coverage.

Nurx’s service is limited to California; New York; Washington, D.C.; and Washington State. The company plans to expand its service nationwide in the future. The company plans to add an additional 20 states to their coverage area in February.

The campaign, featuring the “DonaldTrump” promo code will run from December 19 to December 25. Nurx made headlines when it offered Truvada to its users. The pill reduces HIV among high-risk people by as much as 90%.

The promo code puts Trump’s decision to repeal the ACA in the spotlight for Nurx users.