SDL Review Reveals Amazing AI-Based Content Marketing Creation & Optimization Innovations

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SDL’s 2018 year-in-review report reveals that the company’s five predictions on potential online content development and optimization trends have become a reality, with important implications in content marketing, business-to-consumer communication, and various other areas.

SDL’s concept of “machine-first, human-optimized” content solutions translates into artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)-based content development applications, offering better opportunities for companies to provide quality content to online audiences, organize information better, and use quality content to improve sales and marketing performance.

SDL’s Five Future States of Content

With more and more consumers relying on online content for both information and entertainment purposes, companies throughout the world are looking for efficient ways to provide quality content to potential customers. SDL’s recent AI and ML innovations contribute to the significant optimization of the content generation, organization and marketing processes.

“Early in 2018, SDL announced its Five Future States of Content, a series of concepts predicting exciting prospects where content will create itself, organize itself, secure itself, be agile and be an organization’s best salesperson, with some of these predictions already a reality today,” says Peggy Chen, CMO at SDL.

She continues: “What makes the difference in the accuracy of our predictions is SDL’s unwavering commitment to meeting customers’ needs and laser-focus on leading the way in what’s next on content creation, translation and delivery – bringing to fruition concepts that were just a mere idea a little over a year ago.”

Automatically Created & Organized Content

The SDL Content Assistant, powered by Hai, SDL’s Linguistic AI, allows companies to create early-stage content based on specific themes, content patterns, ideas, keywords and other pre-selected factors. This innovation provides a streamlined solution to generate a constant flow of targeted content adapted to the needs and expectations of each company’s target audience.

Furthermore, newly generated content will also be able to organize itself to facilitate an optimal online consumer experience. SDL Tridion DX, which combines the power of SDL Tridion Sites and SDL Tridion Docs, enables the use of shared taxonomies to optimize content display and provide more relevant search results, thus contributing to a more logical, accessible and relevant online content.

Higher Data Security & Marketing Performance

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Recent SDL innovations have also paved the way for higher security in translation and other types of content transmission processes. SDL’s Neural Machine Translation (MT) features Edge Cloud capabilities to ensure ground-to-cloud deployment flexibility, while the secure Translation Supply Chain and Content Management technology eliminates the risk of data breaching by locking down data throughout the translation process.

Finally, SDL has also invested in the development of cutting-edge AI- and MT- based solutions to increase the marketing efficiency of online content. SDL Tridion DX, SDL Accessibility Solution and SDL Multilingual Website systems allow companies to optimize the content translation process to reach out to more potential customers.

Unlike current automated translation systems, SDL technologies can predict when a certain type of content requires human attention for optimal translation, thus significantly increasing the accuracy and overall quality of the translation.

Machine-First, Human-Optimized

According to Chen, SDL’s goal is not to replace the need for content creators, but rather to allow them to optimize their efforts by assigning the initial stages of content creation to AI systems.

Chen explains: “Our ambition is to build a model for our customers that delivers machine first, human optimized content solutions, taking the content operating model from manual to automated. Our 2018 predictions set out a blueprint for this and paved the way for new solutions designed to bring the five future states of content closer to a reality. In 2019, we will take more steps in helping our customers create exceptional customer journeys by making predictions on the future content landscape.”

About SDL
SDL (LSE: SDL) is the global leader in content creation, translation and delivery. The company has more than 25 years of experience helping companies improve their content creation, management and marketing processes to communicate more effectively to customers throughout the world. SDL currently works with 88 of the top 100 global companies.

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