SpaceX launch: Elon Musk and Co. send a Tesla Roadster CAR into space

SpaceX Dragon orbiting the planet Earth. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

The Falcon Heavy, Space X’s new space toy just launched. The massive rocket lifted off from the same launch pad used by NASA to launch a Saturn V rocket. This was almost 50 years ago and NASA sent people to the moon for the first time.  The Falcon heavy embarked on its first test flight on 6th Feb 2018. The huge rocket is carrying Elon’s personal Tesla sports car. The rocket is headed for an endless trip towards Mars.

After a successful launch, the Falcon Heavy became the most powerful rocket in use. It comes equipped with three main boosters powered by twenty-seven engines. It is memorable to mention that the successful launch was delayed for a number of hours due to the wind.

The longer the flight Falcon Heavy registers, the more Space X will learn from the highly instrument-based rocket. Mr. Musk has had a trying time in regards to past rocket tests. The Falcon 1 and Falcon 9‘s all failed in a number of areas from ignition to one actually blowing up in 2016. The data from all these experiences was used in coming up with the Falcon Heavy. In layman’s term, the Falcon Heavy is a combination of Falcon 1s and Falcon 9s. It was designed to carry heavy and huge satellites.

Space X fitted the Falcon Heavy with protective enclosures which are due to come off. When they come off, they hope that the live shots from the car’s onboard cameras will give a better perspective of the trip. If the car does survive the challenges of the long trip, it should arrive on Mars in close to six months. A source did, however, disclose that the only way the vehicle will come into contact with Mar’s atmosphere will be by crashing into it.

Space X will use information from this test flight to develop an even bigger rocket to ferry human beings. This is in line with Musk’s objective of establishing a city on Mars