Streetography Gives Street Mosaics New Life


Streetography changes the way people geotag. The app allows users to experience the essence of a place, and this is done with a click of a bottom. Users will be able to tap and click on a map to view pictures of a neighborhood, street or place to give them a taste of the local flavor.

High quality photos are seen on the overlay maps in a way to reinvent street maps on smartphones.

Hot spots are provided on the map, allowing you to see where the most photos in town are being taken at this moment. You can even favorite your favorite spots, allowing them to be a tap away at any time.

Users will be able to become part of a supportive community and filter photos by date and even photographer.

Your photos of a place can be uploaded to Streetography in just seconds. You can take a photo directly from the app, or import them from your iPhone gallery or 500px account. The app is currently only available on iOS.

What’s unique about the app is that users will be able to scroll through the map and see pictures laid out across the map. The photos help bring the map to life, and you don’t need to click on pins to view images.

Users of the app will also enjoy the social aspect, which allows users to follow each other. This enables users to be able to view photos from only a specific photographer on the map.

The app is available in only English-speaking countries at this time.

Images found on the map are provided by 500px to create the photo montages, but users can upload their shots to offer a new look at the surrounding area.

The company plans to expand its offering to non-English speaking areas in the future. The company’s app was launched earlier in the week and is available for free on the App Store.