Affordable, High Quality, High Value and Dependable Digital Camera; The Canon Powershot A590 IS

Value and Quality in One Small Package
Value and Quality in One Small Package

When it comes to gadgets and technology that everyone wants to get their hands on digital cameras are at the forefront of the tech market. From high end cameras for professional photographers to affordable digital cameras for beginners, you can find pretty much anything you need to fit your budget.

The fact is that the digital camera market is oversaturated. Just try walking into a camera store and you will be swamped with options, specs and confusing information and an abundance of products. So we are going to help you with a complete, yet brief and easy to understand, review of one of the most popular and consumer friendly digital cameras available today, the Canon Powershot A590 IS.

If you are a professional photographer that loves to invest in a variety of lenses and cameras, then you can probably turn away from this review. However if you are looking for a digital camera for everyday life that will give you quality, reliability and fool proof technology, then this is the camera for you.

The Canon Powershot A590 IS has a plethora of features and comes hand in hand with excellent image quality especially if you are shooting pictures in a well lit atmosphere. The controls are easy to navigate and often easily automated. With this digital camera you are guaranteed to get excellent value out of your investment.

This is not to say that the camera itself is perfect, as there are a few cons. Although that is to be expected unless you are willing to fork over thousands of dollars on revolutionary equipment. The Canon Powershot A590 IS recycles its flash rather slowly and often times the movies can playback with a choppy effect. Aside from that, when you are taking pictures indoors, the image noise at a higher ISO setting can be quite excessive.

There are reviews plastered all over the internet when it comes to this camera and most are positive and spot on. From to the reviews for this digital camera are endless yet almost all of them are positive.

All in all it is almost impossible to match the picture quality, features, value and performance that the Canon Powershot A590 IS offers. As previously mentioned it is not the first choice of serious, professional photographers but is exceptionally easy to use and reliable. The 4x zoom camera offers automatic features such as face detection, red eye correction and optical image stabilization. If you are a true amateur then the camera even comes with a completely automated “easy mode” which does all the work for you.

A brand new Canon Powershot A590 IS comes at an estimated price just under $200. If that is a little much for your budget then you can elect to go with the Canon Powershot A580. All in all it has a number of the same features with just a little less quality and costs about $50 dollars less.

In the end this digital camera is easily one of the most popular options on the market and for good reason. When it comes to value, usability and convenience the Canon Powershot A590 IS has it all. If you are looking for that quick and trusted purchase before a big trip or a big event, then we suggest you head out and grab this digital camera while you can. You simply will not regret it and the memories it provides will last a lifetime.