Amazon Kindle Review; Convenient and Reliable but Don’t Run Out to the Store Just Yet

Lighter and More Convenient than Paperbacks
Lighter and More Convenient than Paperbacks

While it is definitely not one of the prettiest new gadgets on the market, the Amazon Kindle is becoming quite a popular gizmo for men and women of all ages. The lack of appeal in its appearance is undeniable as it looks like some oversized gadget straight out the 80’s. With that said, appearance isn’t everything and the Kindle does not disappoint when it comes right down to it.

By no means are we going to give the Kindle a perfect review. There are glitches that need to be fixed and improvements that need to be made. However these will come in time and for now, this all new e-book reader is by far the best of its kind on the market. While the Apple iPod has been credited with changing the way we all listen to music, the Amazon Kindle has set the basis for changing the way we all read books.

While the price tag is definitely hefty at $399, a lot of people will fall in love with this product for its wireless capabilities and pure convenience. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing you will be able to download and read a book of any kind. Compare this with Sony’s less popular Digital Book and you notice the advantages right away. While the Digital Book does do the job and comes at a less steep price, $299, you have to hook it right into a computer if you ever want to get your hands on a new book.

On top of this the Kindle can hold up to 200 hundred books and comes with a few other entertaining add-ons such as a free email account on which you can send and receive emails wherever you are.  Are the add-ons ground breaking? Absolutely not, but they add a nice little something extra that you cannot find in a simple paperback book.

To be quite honest the Kindle is going to change the way we read and access digital content. It runs well and is extremely convenient. Sure the design and appearance leaves a little something to be desired, but is that really important? As long as it is light, functions well and allows you to read books then it is doing its job. 

The main problem here is the price. Considering the fact that there are some glitches and some features that could be added, $399 is a little much to be asking. If you simply cannot wait to get your hands on this item, then you will not be disappointed. However if you are willing to stick it out with audio books on your iPod or good old fashioned paperbacks, then you may want to hold out for a few months and wait for a price drop.

If the Amazon Kindle was available at under $200 or even $250 then we would definitely suggest running out and getting one right now. For now, at least until they clean it up a bit, it is suggested that you give it some time before running out and grabbing your own.