Tomorrow’s Technology. Inventions, Creations, Gizmos and Gadgets that will Change the Way we Live

Technology of Tomorrow
Technology of Tomorrow

In years past the current decade we live in was expected to be one filled with abundant, life changing technologies. From flying cars to instant meals that were immortalized in cartoons like the Jetsons, the year 2000 was supposed to be more than it has become. With that being said there are still a number of promising gadgets and gizmos that are looking to lead the way to a brighter tomorrow. Here are some of the most promising tech toys and ideas that will change the way we go about our everyday lives in the future.

Haptic Technology

We all have fallen in love with touch screens and the benefits they can offer when it comes to cell phones and other devices. However the truth is that they often leave a lot to be desired. They either do not always recognize your touch or are restricted in the features they offer. This may no longer be the case with the creation of Haptic Technology. This technology creates a sense of touch without any actual physical connection. The first example was Playstation’s Dual Shock controllers, but so much more can be done. There are now gloves being created where a person can feel and touch objects that only exist in a world of virtual reality. What could be next? Being able to reach out and grab a drink from the fridge without having to get off the couch? Maybe.

Universal Devices

The smart phones that are available on the market are amazing. iPhones and all their competitors offer and take advantage of a staggering amount of technology. However the truth is that these devices are just the beginning. Universal devices are an idea that is not unattainable anymore. Within time your smart phone may offer you the ability to project HDTV onto a wall and have real-time video conversations at any time you want. Your phone could even be capable of turning your heat up and down in your house or even paying your monthly bills with a touch of button. There are not many tech problems that stand in the way of all this being a possibility. Your entire life may be consumed within one tiny device. And you thought just losing your car keys was bad.

Cloud Computing

With the creation of Facebook and other popular sites that use new internet technology it seems that everyone is obsessing over “Web 2.0.” In reality we will look back on these applications as just being the beginning of something much more incredible and widespread. Just think about how video games have progressed over the years. It was not long ago when many of us thought that the Sega Genesis system had perfected graphics. We never imagined how much better it could get, and look where games and technology have come since then. Cloud computing has the ability to, one day, allow us to do everything and anything online. Early Networks have been created that are mind boggling in their capacity and it may not be long until we can perform tasks and run computers without any storage at all.