The Best Point and Shoot Digital Cameras for the Summer of 2009

The Best Point and Shoot Features without Breaking the Bank
The Best Point and Shoot Features without Breaking the Bank

The marketing ploys surrounding megapixels are dead. All the experts have agreed that it is pretty much pointless to push a digital camera anywhere past the 12 MP mark. So what are the digital camera companies going to do now that they lost their prime marketing tactic? Easy. They are going to start cramming as many features as they can within the smallest camera possible. With smartphones and mobile phones featuring quality point and shoot cameras, the competition is fierce and the race to the top is on. Here is a quick look at some of the point and shoot digital cameras that are going to be at the forefront of the summer of 2009.

Casio EX-FC100

This sequel to last years ultrazoom from Casio provides some of the quickest shooting and loading in any digital camera, and still fits in your shirt pocket. It has the ability to burst-shoot at the same rate that cameras with triple the price tag can. The surprising part is the EX-FC100 comes with almost the identical specs that come with the Casio EX-F1 which comes in at around $1,000. The EX-FC100 has the ability to snap 30 megapixel stills and record 1,000 frames of video in just one second. You can discuss the features of this digital camera all day, but the best part will continue to be the price at just around $350.

Ricoh CX1

This point and shoot camera proves that high dynamic range isn’t something that can only be utilized through Photoshop. The Ricoh CX1 automatically perfects your photos and allows your shots to look as lifelike and realistic as possible. HDR photos are becoming the best way to capture life’s special moments and the CX1 is the best at what it does. The 28-200 mm zoom lens, 1 cm macro shooting and ability to record VGA video at a rate of 120 frames per second makes this digital camera one that you simply need to get your hands on. With a price tag of around $380, you really can’t argue with this point and shoot camera.

Canon Powershot D10

Now when you compare the specs for this digital camera with other ones on the market you might scoff at the $330 price tag. However it is the perfect point and shoot camera for a trip to the beach, a day on the boat or even a week in the Caribbean. The Canon Powershot D10 is completely waterproof up to 30 feet below the surface which makes it perfect for snorkeling, diving, or in case you drop it in the pool. It is a timid camera with only a 3x optical zoom but can give you quality underwater photos that not many other cameras can.

Sony DSC-G3

Wi-Fi has taken over everything, including digital cameras. The Sony DSC-G3 is the first point and shoot camera that has a web browser built within. So when you are taking your amateur shots of nature and wildlife, you can go online and look at nature pictures that are way better than yours. This digital camera features 4 GB of built in storage, a 4x optical zoom lens and allows you to instantly upload pictures and video to your favorite social networking sites. Keep your friends and family instantly up to date on Facebook or YouTube with the Sony DSC-G3. The usability does come with a price though, as this digital camera will set you back about $500.

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