Google Android Smartphone Features; The HTC Dream and the HTC Magic


Everything you Need Everywhere you Need to Go
Everything you Need Everywhere you Need to Go

Just last week the Google Android smartphone was finally introduced in Canada. It has been dubbed a revolution by Rogers and many people are falling in love with both of the devices that are available, the HTC Magic and the HTC Dream. There are a lot of reviews and discussion online when it comes to the Google Android smartphones, but to get right into the thick of things, let us just lay out the features that you can have right at your fingertips thanks to Google and Rogers.



Full Touch Screen


On both of the smartphones, the Magic and the Dream, there is a comprehensive, full touch screen that can be utilized. This allows you to instantly access a number of applications or information, and the usability is quite impressive to say the least.


Custom Unlocking


While other smartphones simply offer a password to unlock, you can have a little bit of fun with the Google Android. You can create your own unique connect-the-dot pattern to unlock the phone with your fingertips. You can change it up, make it super creative, or easy to remember. Of course you can also use your Google username and password if you aren’t up for this fancy feature.


Full QWERTY Keyboard


The HTC Magic and the HTC Dream both make it incredibly easy to type away, whether you are sending fun text messages or cranking out a proposal for work. The Magic makes typing completely virtual using the touch screen.  The Dream offers a slide out keyboard that you can access with just a quick flick of your thumb.


Contextual Search


The contextual search option on both the Magic and the Dream allow you to easily find whatever it is you are looking for on your phone. From a certain song to an important document to a phone number, just type in what you are looking for and it will pop right up. No more flipping through categories and applications trying to find that important “client” you met the night before.


Real Web Browsing


With other mobile phones you will usually find that surfing the internet is a mundane task that takes more effort than it is productive. With the Google Android you can instantly access any website, and perform any task that can be done via the net on your personal computer.


Pre-Installed Google Apps


All of the applications that you have become accustomed to with Google are already installed on the Google Android and are easy to find, easy to switch back and forth from and easy to utilize. On the train, in the car, or on a bike, you can access them all with a quick flick of a button or tap of the screen.


Google Maps, Street View and Google Latitude


Both the HTC Dream and the HTC Magic are essentially very comprehensive Sat Nav systems. You can utilize the Google maps application to find directions and locations. With Google Latitude you can let your friends know exactly where you are, and can locate your friends or that important business meeting easily. The Google Street View application is not quite ready, but when it is you will be able to view an exact picture of the street, intersection or restaurant you are looking for. You will no longer go flying past your destination or be straining to read street signs ever again.


3.2 Mega Pixel Camera


The mega-pixel resolution of the built in camera on the HTC Magic and the HTC Dream allow for crystal clear pictures no matter where you are going. Also with the built in Breadcrumbz application you can snap photos and record step by step directions. The next time you are throwing a party or meeting somewhere special, you can ensure your guests never get lost.

Along with all of these added features, the HTC Magic and the HTC Dream also allow you to load up 8 GB of music, text friends, send email, change the home screen and color options, navigate YouTube and upload videos, chat on Google Talk and use a whole host of other features.


To sum it all up, the Google Android smartphones are really complete, all in one devices. Everything you need is right at your fingertips everywhere you go. Stay on time, stay organized and stay up to date on everything that is going on in your life and in the world. After using the HTC Magic or the HTC Dream for a few days, you will surely feel naked leaving the house without it.


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