Facebook is Working on a Desktop Gaming Platform


Social media giant Facebook is trying to compete with Steam, according to an announcement from the company. Facebook announced that they’re working with Unity, a game engine, to be able to offer a desktop gaming platform.

The effort will also be ported to Facebook.com to increase the experience for users.

The gaming platforms will allow developers to provide Android and iOS games on desktop. Casual games found on Facebook will be included. The desktop application could support larger games, according to initial reports.

Developers will be able to apply for the company’s instant access to a limited alpha program from today until August 31. Access will provide developers with the alpha version of Unity 5.4. The version will allow games to be ported to Facebook’s main website and the desktop application.

Facebook’s announcement comes at a time when the company is seeing a decline in revenue from social gaming. The company reached $257 million in Q2 2014 from social gaming, but this number fell to $197 million last quarter. There are 650 million people that use the platform to play games each month.

The company paid $2.5 billion to game developers in 2015 and $8 billion since 2010.

Facebook announced their intention to develop a downloadable desktop platform in May. The application was called “Facebook Games Arcade,” but the name has been changed to “Facebook PC Gaming Platform.”

The company has been relatively quiet on the details behind its desktop platform. The details that are available suggest that the platform will be able to run on different operating systems aside from just Windows. The platform will provide distraction-free gaming. Mobile games will be accepted, and the ability to download hardcore games will be available, too.

A discovery feature will be available to help gamers find new games to play. Revenue will be split with game published, but exact amounts are not listed.