Netlify Secures $2.1 Million in Funding to Expand Startup


Netlify has secured $2.1 million in funding from Tank Hill Ventures and Bloomberg Beta. The company allows developers to write frontend code that can be pushed to numerous services and servers with the click of a button. The service allows for code to be pushed to the company’s delivery networks (CDN), offers one-click SSL, instantly invalidates cache and allows sites to scale as they grow.

Mathias Billmann and Chris Bach, the two co-founders of Netlify, aims to offer a repository that pushes code to GitHub and its own server. The service will then execute updates and distributes to the company’s content delivery network.

Pre-built static pages will be displayed to visitors as they’re placed on the company’s CDN.

Billmann states that dynamic pages suffer from slowdowns during traffic spikes. The goal is to attract developers that have lightweight page experiences to the service rather than use a complicated service like Amazon Web Services.

Netlify allows developers to be able to roll out changes to a larger cluster of servers, and updates can be rolled back with ease. All of the changes can be executed through the command line, according to Billmann.

“The pages interact with the browser instead of having to be built server-side every time,” stated the co-founder when discussing static pages. “It’s not like 1994 when pages were static,” he asserted. The pages will be able to be dynamic, but the dynamic code occurs in the browser and not server-side. This reduces the risks of malicious attacks on a server and reduces load time, too.

Tom Preston, GitHub founder, has invested in the company. Rackspace Cloud and Heroku invested in the company’s latest funding round. The funding will allow the company to hire a dedicated team and work further on the company’s Netlify CMS.

The company was founded in 2015, and its headquarters is in San Francisco.