Private Scrambl3 App Offers Free Calls and Texts


Scrambl3 is a new app launched by US Mobile that promises to offer free calls and texts to users. The new app brings a privacy-friendly feel to users. The company has stated “privacy is the future.”

The company directly mentions WhatsApp and Viber on its website, stating that Scrambl3 is “more private and secure.”

Released on Android and iOS, the app used layered encryption tunnels to provide an exponential increase in protection compared to other mobile networks. The app, offered for free, created private mobile networks, which act as connections between two members. The members must agree to share their name and places with the other user to make a connection.

Since the app doesn’t run over a public network, the company suggests that it’s not vulnerable to surveillance from government agencies.

Enterprise versions of the app are available for companies who want to manage their own mobile networks. The version is paid.

USMobile is a company that worked alongside the government in the past to create a classified communication system. The company is able to circumvent the flaws of the telephone system by using what is called “dark tunnels,” according to VentureBeat.

The app doesn’t utilize the user’s cell phone number like other apps. Tablets can also be used to make calls and send texts, too.

Open source software is used in an effort to be transparent. The company uses encryption before sending the data through a VPN to increase security further. The company aims to be able to keep calls and texts out of reach of hackers.

The app has been in development for over two years.

Premium services are being developed and are planned to be rolled out in the future. the company plans to offer a private email system, too.

Scrambl3 has raised $4 million to date to be able to build out their app.

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