Stay Clean, Stay Safe and Forget Staying Sober; A Look at some Handy, Useful Travel Gadgets

As Close to Superman as You can Get
As Close to Superman as You can Get

This gadget article is for those special travelers who are purely gadget crazy and feel that life at any point without a gadget is purely meaningless. These are gizmos that lovers of technology will freak over thanks to their pure functionality and utilitarian use. These are gadgets which might sound very weird and quirky to you, but once you take a closer look, you will realize that these bizarre and weird looking widgets do actually make sense in your life. This couldn’t be any truer if you are a traveler. As you know, bringing along all of life’s little necessities can be hassle, and most portable options you find are just useless. Not anymore. Now you can travel light and bring along even the most comfortable comforts from home. Now it will feel as though you are home, no matter where you are headed. Travel with as little baggage as possible with these top travel gadgets.

DUO Portable Sanitizer

Firstly, there comes the toothbrush. Now for all those clean and hygiene freaks around, a toothbrush is something that is absolutely essential while traveling, regardless of whether it is in the Himalayas or in the Amazon rainforests. The habits of cleanliness freaks aside, it is also a matter of pure health and hygiene as well. A toothbrush however can be a hot bed of germs as they tend to be overused and as a result they become like mini germ factories, on their own, and end up putting your beloved teeth at risk. This DUO Portable Sanitizer is a very handy little contraption that not only can hold up to two toothbrushes, but also has a built in UV light, which is very effective in killing all the microbes that lurk within your toothbrush. The sanitizer has a wall mount and a sanitizing cycle of about seven minutes. Now you can keep your teeth and your toothbrush clean, even in the dirtiest of destinations.

Cool, Classic Cocktails wherever you Travel

Are you a margarita freak? Then the Margarita Machine can become your constant traveling companion, wherever you may choose to go. All you have to do is get your hands on the Cordless Margaritaville Frozen Margarita Machine. Just charge it up and start creating a variety of mind numbing cocktails. Once it is charged you can whip up over seventy delicious margaritas at one go in itself. It can mix up to seventy drinks on a fully charged battery and also has an automated ice shaving feature that blends in the ice with the margarita. It also has 4 preset drink programs which means less time actually blending, and more time drinking.

See Farther and Bike Harder

The following contraption is one of the latest from the Nike house. It is called the Nike Hindsight and seems to be aptly named as it is meant for the city commuters who brave everyday traffic in the city to get to and fro from their workplace and home. While it seems to work for anyone it is obviously meant for bikers who have to weave in and out of traffic all the time. Biking through the city, or even through desolate country, often requires very clear vision and thanks to crazy city traffic and loose cattle there are objects that can come running around from every corner possible. This makes biking around an obvious hazard, or at least it used to. These glasses extend the vision of bike rider to about 25 percent on each side, which is more than the normal vision of a human being. Without these glasses one can usually only see 180 degrees in forward vision. These glasses may be about as close as you get to superhuman powers, at least until Nike comes up with some running shoe that helps you leap over tall buildings. 

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