What Can Robots Do For You?; All New Robots, The iWoofer, Beer Launching Fridge and Shadow Caddy

Your Personal Music Playing Robot
Your Personal Music Playing Robot

People are always fascinated and intrigued by the concept of robotics, and the idea of having pseudo human beings who can do work and take on a lot of human roles. Entire texts in literature and science fiction have been created focusing on robots, and a number of sci fi movies have been made about robots and their role in changing the human world all around them. There have been prolific movies like RoboCop and AI and a million others,  the entire list would take forever  to go through. On top of fiction, in reality scientists all over the world are constantly trying to build the newest and most advanced robots that can be created with the human mind.

There are robots that can do household chores and then there are certain others who can imitate and express a variety of human expressions. And of course then there are other robots who do the work that humans are not capable of, like landing on an alien planet and picking up materials for research. Here are a few innovative robots that could make life much easier for you. And if you are an avid reader of the Isaac Asimov-written series, then this is going to be a walk in the park for you.

The Shadow Caddy Robot
There is the Shadow Caddy robot which is exactly what the name proclaims itself to be. It is a new golfing innovation where it follows you around as you play your game on the golf course, and carries all the equipment that you require. It is like having a human caddy all on your own, except that it is a robotic one at that. This is an electronic and three wheeled robot. The best part is that it works without any form of remote control.

Robotic Beer Fridge
If you are one of those people, I know I am, who can’t get through life without guzzling down bottles of beer, then this Beer Launching Fridge is just for you. This was created by John W. Cornwell and is a mini fridge. It can hand out beers to people who are at a certain distance. All you need to do is let it know how far away your guests are and voila, consider it done.  The beer is put on an elevator like structure and once it is outside the fridge, it is passed on through a catapult system through remote control. All in all it can hold about 14 cans of beer. Hosting a super bowl party has never been easier.

The iWoofer
The iWoofer is a portable speaker for your cherished ipod. It works with ipods which have a capacity of about 2 GB and above. Also it can hold the ipod shuffle as well. It is designed like one of those cute little aliens that you see in those high tech science fiction movies. The iWoofer has four legs and  and a face as well. It has two 3 watt satellite speakers with 30 mm full range drivers and neodymium aluminum speaker cones.

The Robotic Violinist

Finally, here is one which is tailor made for the music lovers who love their Mozart and Chopin. This robot is aptly and rather simply called the robot violinist. It can mime human gestures and do exactly what it is supposed to do, play the violin, that is. This handy little robot has been released by Toyota.

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