IZEA Announces Plans To Change The Corporate Name to IZEA Worldwide


IZEA, the operator of IZEAx®, the premier online marketplace that connects brands, publishers and content creators, revealed today plans to change the company’s corporate name to “IZEA Worldwide, Inc.”. This change has been approved by the Board of Directors and is pursued by the company in consideration of its pending acquisition of TapInfluence, Inc.

IZEA intends to seek approval by NASDAQ and FINRA to fully effect the name change.

According to the official company press release, the company will continue as the parent corporation for the company’s North American subsidiaries, including Ebyline, Inc., and IZEA Canada, Inc. In additional to that, it will also become the parent corporation of TapInfluence, Inc. following expected completion of the short-form merger.

IZEAx automates influencer marketing and custom content development. It allows brands and agencies to scale their marketing programs. Creators are compensated for producing unique content such as long and short form text, videos, photos, status updates, and illustrations for marketers or distributing such content on behalf of marketers through their personal websites, blogs, and social media channels. Marketers receive influential content and engaging, shareable stories that drive awareness.

“As we continue to evaluate strategic industry consolidation opportunities, we have decided to change the name of our parent organization to reflect a broader outlook.” said Ted Murphy, Founder and CEO at IZEA. “We are excited by the continued growth of influencer and content marketing industries and believe that there is a universal demand for these services.”

Most marketplaces like IZEA act as the middleman in between publishers, content creators and marketers and brands.  The IZEA influencer platform has automated many management processes: it offers modules for communication and negotiation between the parties, options for reporting, and many campaign management tools. For more information about IZEA, visit https://izea.com/.