Absolut Drinkspiration; Mobile Technology and Alcohol Create Another Love Child

Another Job Well Done Thanks to a DT
Another Job Well Done Thanks to a DT

Every day it seems that mobile technology and the people that use it reach new highs, or shall we say lows. We have finally gotten to the point where people grab onto their Blackberry while at the bar, not just to answer phone calls, but to change their status on Facebook. Advances in mobile technology were supposed to make our lives simpler, easier and more advanced. Now all that happens is that every time you log onto a social networking site, you get bombarded with status updates or random tweets on twitter. Most of them usual go a little bit like this, “ Bar Fight…Totally Rad” or, “ I hate mother f*ckin guys who think that they just wanna do what they want and then talk what they want and then start talking on whoever they want and then get mad when I like talk on whoever I want. If you don’t want it done like that, then don’t do it yourself…..pshhhh!” Or these types of tweets are also starting to get quite popular, “I likes sdfhf awesfdome timlles sooooooo wasdtted…woooooooo yeahhhh!”

Are Phones Making our Lives Better……or Worse?

Is this really what we were after when we created all this new supposedly “life changing” technology? Do we really need more ways for people we barely know to keep us updated on what they are doing, what they are eating, or who they are with every minute of the day? Do you remember the days when drinking a bottle of Merlot and then emailing an ex was the worst thing you could do? Wow, are those days ever behind us. Email just looks like a harmful, innocent bystander these days. Is this to say Facebook is a completely useless tool? Not at all. Are social networking sites like Twitter pointless and redundant? Wellll…..someone did save Perez Hilton from getting beat up thanks to a tweet he posted on twitter, so it can’t be all that bad, right?

An All New Application; Drinkspiration

The truth is that a lot of people just like you are sitting back and wondering just how far this technology train will go. Some people are hoping that Apple finds a way to attach breathalyzers to iPhones before allowing users to drunkenly ramble on or check their MySpace. However, it does not look like that is going to happen, especially with the release of the new phone application, “Drinkspiration.” The makers of Absolut vodka (insert shameless plug here) have created a new application that can recommend the proper cocktail depending on the user’s current mood, location, and time of day (never too early for a Bloody Mary). Did mobile technology and alcohol really need to get mixed in together any further? Now this is not to say it won’t be a fun application, in fact we will probably be one of the first to use it. All we are asking is that you drink responsibly. When you go out to the club or head to a house party…….please bring a DT. Be kind to your designated texter. Make sure they are having a fun time, let them play all your little cool games on your Blackberry and for the sake of us all, listen to your DT when they tell you it is not a good idea to change your Facebook status at 5am after trying each and every cocktail suggested by Drinkspiration. Be kind, have fun, drink responsibly and for the love of Tweet, sign on in the morning, after you have had that Bloody Mary in hopes of killing that crushing hangover.