Solar Vest- The Ultimate Solution for Charging your Portable Gadgets


solar-vestIf you are fed up with mobile batteries getting discharged when you are on an outing or have ever been frustrated by the desire to take a picture of the mesmerizing sights on your trip just to have your handy cam die down, this solar vest is meant for you. The incredible charger is meant to terminate all such annoying situations on your outing.

What the Solar Vest Can Do for You

The Solar vest has 4 weather proof solar panels at the back which convert the Solar Energy into Electrical energy (DC) to charge electronic gadgets. The solar panels have 6 Watts of power each. It not only works solely with Solar Energy but also can be given direct electricity supply from AC mains. The Solar Vest uses the 8800mAh capacity lithium battery to store the solar energy in the form of an electrical charge.  This is the rough equivalence of a netbook battery that consists of 9 lithium cells. The Vest also offers a lighting system with 3 super bright Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs with long connection wires of around 10m. The power consumption of the lighting system is 3 Watts.

A Plethora of Functions at Your Disposal

The Solar Vest has expandable pockets all over it which can support various electronic gadgets in it along with the charger and the battery that come with it. There are multiple adapter chargers associated with the battery with voltage specifications of 5V, 6V, 9V, 12-20 V. In all there are 8 different power connectors and 7 different device connectors for charging.  The gadgets that are chargeable through the use of the Solar Vest chargeable include iPhones, laptops, mobiles, blackberry, digital camera and many more.

The Solar Vest is About More than Just Fashion

As of now, the Solar Vest is being criticized for its “Unfashionable” appeal and big awkward print at the back that states, “SOLAR VEST”. However the purpose for which it is meant is not about fashion. It is intended to reduce the inconvenience caused due to the lack of charging support during a lengthy outing. Not only this, the Solar Vest is quite handy in many situations such as for outdoor lighting in an emergency, rescuing, camping and of course charging numerous electronic gadgets ranging from iPhones to digi-cams. Thus the Solar Vest is an electronic gadget which adds to the utility of numerous electronic gadgets. The cost of this valuable charging utility has been unveiled recently and it will be available on the market at around 140$.  Retailers that carry the product are scarce as of now but the vest should be available in a number of stores and online shops in the upcoming weeks.  

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